Tie Blouse

Tie Blouse


Bring your blouse to another level. This playful and relaxed top features a free-flowing tie extending from the collar to bring your look to life. Available in three colors, the Tease top is great for a twist on your usual officewear.

  • We think your clothing should be ridiculously comfortable. That is why we carefully select for fabric that retains its shape, resists wrinkles and is easy to wash.
  • Our Work to Life principle encourages you to utilize the versatility of our collection. The Tease Blouse is light enough for your summer vacation, but classic enough for your corner office.
  • Wear it with your favorite jeans for the weekend, or our Tailored Pant and Slit Skirt for a business lunch.
  • 100% Rayon. Cool wash & dry. Available in White, Red, Pink, and White with black tie.
  • Designed and sewn in the USA.
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Watch to see how the Tease moves.

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