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“Fabric/Textiles –  So beautiful. Like a magnet to my hands. Clothes –  Serve a function. Style –  I didn’t get that gene. Fashion – What is it?”

These phrases sum up how I felt about my wardrobe. I have a friend, Mary, who really understands all things fashion and style. For a period of time I used to shop with her every week in San Francisco. Our favorite place was Chanel. [I can talk more about this later.] We would admire all things Coco and Karl. After a while my daughter, Cate, urged me to teach her to sew. She is a natural in the world of style and fashion. In my down time I started teaching myself to sew with more refined techniques. My goal was to make a duplicate “Chanel” jacket. I was always disappointed in my design and results. I couldn’t find that place inside and bring it out and into reality. I found that my croquis (illustration image) always showed a strong woman.









This attitude carried into my final collection that was shown at Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NY.