The Oscar Email

Sunday afternoon I was working on our new separates line. We’ve scheduled a photo shoot for next week and I need to get these designed and samples made. So much to do, so little time. I check email … Betsy Franco emails me! You know, James’ mom. She wants to know -  Can I dress her? Did you hear me scream? I dropped everything and invited her to my studio. Within the hour Betsy was here and trying on clothes. The first dress fit her pretty well and she loved it. The color looks fabulous on her and the design is flattering. We’re making a few changes to make it appropriate for the red carpet and added a complementary scarf. She will be a beacon. We’ve had a few fittings and discovered that there are a couple related events that she needs to be dressed for. Fortunately she likes our separates and the colors and prints are fabulous on her. It is so much fun dressing an enthusiastic client, and it is satisfying to dress someone who can wear color so well.