Preparing for the event

It’s been a very busy two weeks.  My good friends Jungah and Holly threw themselves into the challenge.  The three of us had worked on a semester long project with two other friends and struck a good balance of the yin and yang. We were a wonderfully creative team trying to push the envelope. This time the vision was established and execution was the name of the game. Of course, my designer friends we able to leave their imprint as well. After many long days, and re-cutting fabric at midnight the day before departure, we got four finished looks carefully packed in a suitcase and delivered to Betsy’s home. I have to admit that after near daily fittings with Betsy it was sad to have our last meeting to hem the skirts, and tears came as I drove the suitcase to her home. Currently, new fabric is in the printing process, as we prepare for a photo-shoot this Friday. We have orders to fill. And our home is getting set up for some friends to enjoy the Red Carpet in 2 hours time. Good luck James. Break a leg, Betsy.  Drive safely all.