Tuesday’s arrival was a bit hectic. At first I was reminded of Las Vegas only without ships shooting canonballs. Later it seemed a bit more like Palm Beach. Wednesday was calmer. We started the day with a hike up to the old castle dating to the late 10th century. Loved the small museum chock full of textile ideas. In Milan and Cannes, I searched for clues on textile sources. I was set to visit a couple places near Milan, but a call ahead by our concierge found they had shut down. “the Crises” was the reason. Tragic. Wednesday afternoon I visited the shop of couturier Claude Bonucci hoping to get a read. Too many shops are closing because of the expansion of Asian sources. They expressed disappointment because even they were having trouble getting quality fabrics. I was so busy before leaving the US, I forgot to get a haircut. Took care of that too. I always wanted to have a French haircut, now I do. Wednesday night we had a fabulous fresh seafood dinner in the open air. One of the nicest dinners in recent memory. Thursday morning David and I walked to and around the same restaurant neighborhood. The ships are impressive and mostly owned by Saudis, Russians, and Americans including Paul Allen. Each ship has distinct design lines. I shot many photos and am now wondering how to express these ideas in fabric. In the afternoon, we shopped at the big designer stores and found some interest in our Camilla label.