Milan was great. We took some time to visit Museum 900 and loved the contemporary collection. Took many notes on color and textile designs. Food was good in Milan, coffee better, and style- outside the shops not that impressive- inside, terrific. We stayed in the middle of the fashion district and spent much of our time seriously examining designs, finishes, fabrications, and prices. After each visit to a new spot, I pulled out my notebook and scribed key words or sketches on ideas. Can’t wait to get back to the studio to implement them. While in Valentino, we chatted with our sales person who was the buyer for this boutique. She loved my own design of a sheer tee and commented on the bellamissimo print and fit. It didn’t take much for me to take out my look books to share. Again Bellamissima! Not believing it, I asked Mark later – do you think she meant it? Clearly a fun moment.