Turning Point

It was a turning point attending the Woman’s Health at Stanford annual symposium last week. Let me explain. All of my earlier companies were based on wanting to get some relief in the form of better therapeutics or procedures to patients. More often than not I was focused on helping women. Alas I was weary being on the greed side of the equation. Some of you may know that was why I choose not to do another medical start-up. Thus beginning my years as volunteer and return-to-school graduate student. Zoom to the present – how can a socially sensitive person be satisfied in fashion? My dear friends encouraged me to consider that design can be thought of as aligned with the Creator. I had moments of comfort with this, but designing beautiful things costs a lot to make and sell. Darn, I was back on that greedy side. At the WH@S symposium I heard Anne Firth Murray talking about the sad truth of being born a woman. (perhaps I will paraphrase her talk later). So moved, I decided that we can help women by donating to Woman’s Health efforts. At least some portion of every sale will go to WH@S. What a thrill to know that we are working for the betterment of women’s health! We design to reflect the confidence, intelligence and femininity of women. These two pillars of strategy give us a greater feeling of purpose. Now we want to grow to give more to WH@S!