Paris Part 1

Living some else’s life can be exhausting … ah Paris, so much to do, see, eat, and wear. Today for example, I ran over to the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Yves Bergé Foundation. Then rode the Metro up to Sacré Coeur for a visit that included climbing 300 stairs to the dome and then down into the crypt. Metro took me to Montparnasse for the Madame Grés exhibit (swoon), and then back to the hotel. It is good to own a camera to document this visit. But I didn’t tell you about that yet. I’ve been working on a little photo story that will be fun to publish when it is put together. A little surprise for us. Here’s one secret that i can share with you. Through a series of circumstances we found ourselves overlapping a visit to Paris with the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Good fortune, and friends, enabled us to give a Camilla Olson scarf to the Secretary. Of course there are all sorts of hoops to jump over, but they were jumped, mad dashes were run, and feet were sore. Hopefully, we’ll see a Getty photo of the peacock scarf brightening up one of her own looks. Let me see if I can remember some of the other things l’ve been doing here. The first thing we did was to go to the Louvre to see the highly regarded Ralph Lauren car collection. Suzy Menkes wrote, for the NYT, that his cars are primarily inspiration for his accessories. Agreed. We’ve had several walks along the Seine and rue St Honoré, a visit to the Notre Dame, the Champs Elysees, and views of the Tour Eiffel. Yesterday I peeked into Didier Ludot to check out the current collection of original designs by the great designers of the last century. My niece and her new husband have moved to Paris and we’ve enjoyed many wonderful moments with them. One of the best was a dinner party at their home and a walk to The Trocadero. This circle has special importance because the Musee du Homme was the location of the Akris show I saw last fall. What a fun day!