Necessary but not Sufficient

Non Profits need leadership, commitment, and financing. I’ve made the commitment to donate part of the receipts of every sale to Women’s Health at Stanford for many reasons that you can read in earlier posts. Part of the reason is I believe in the need for research in Women’s Health, another part is I believe in the Director Lynn Westphal MD. This morning is a good example. I picked up the San Francisco Chronicle and saw a front page article (A-1) entitled “Chemo has more impact on fertility than thought,” by Erin Allday.  Turning the page to read more, I see this quote, “Especially young patients who are otherwise healthy, many of them have very good life expectancy after treatment, and they want to be able to think past their cancer,” said Dr. Lynn Westphal, a reproductive endocrinologist at Stanford. “For many patients, (fertility) is a key quality of life issue.” Read more:

My thoughts went right to my daughter and What If?. As a Mom, I would want her to read the information in this article before making a medical decision. Go ahead, read the article yourself. Thank you SF Chron and Ms Allday!