Moving Forward

November is almost here and so many changes are underway.   We’ve signed an agreement with a Showroom, Absolute Element. AE will take over our sales to other retailers, leaving us time to focus on design and the occasional trunk shows for our favorite clients. AE is a beautiful space on a great street in SoHo, NY. We are very excited about this change in our business. Along with their selling connections, AE will help us focus our design and pricing to present a cohesive package. Tightening-up is another phrase meaning “moving forward!” In October, we held two fashion events at the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley to benefit Women’s Health Stanford. The first event was a dinner featuring our Identity Collection. We showed two models. Victoria, a young professional model wore our runway looks. Katie, our “best” client, wore real-life applications of the Identity looks. We took the cages and coordinated them with other garments from our fall and resort collections. In essence, she showed how to take the runway look and wear it in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our second event was luncheon showing our Fall 2011 looks. Featuring the same two models, we paired them wearing identical pieces from our collection, but they were styled quite differently. 15 looks later, and our collection looked quite versatile. We continue our partnership with the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley. Early in November, the Quattro hostesses will be wearing our fall looks. Our front lobby display will feature new colors. Thank you Nicole, Tracy, Quattro, and Spa teams for your continued support. We so enjoy working with you.