Lunch with Gloria

I was a freshman in college when MS magazine was founded. I remember the first issue and the spark of energy it added to the women on campus in the midst of a turbulent time. So energized, I drove to NY for the first convention of NOW. So long ago and MS magazine survives as a nonprofit. Its efforts can be seen in the revision of the definition of rape. Last Friday I had the opportunity to take my daughter to lunch with Gloria Steinem and others  to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MS magazine. It was a thrill for me to meet this “giant” and be touched by her gentle soul. I brought one of our scarves for her and she replaced her bright purple scarf with our soft printed piece. She wore it proudly, even though she doesn’t need external things to brighten her day. At lunch Gloria talked a few moments reflecting that it is “all about women.”  Solve women’s problems and you solve the worlds dilemmas. Quickly  she shifted gears and opened her arms saying, “tell me what I don’t know. How can I help you?” Two hours later, the dialog continued. No one wanted to leave. As nice as it was to meet Gloria, my joy truly came from seeing Gloria reach to talk to my daughter. She lingered and spoke animatedly to Cate about her career aspirations … CFO of a Fortune 500 company. What did Gloria say? A few words about finding mentors in finance.  Thank you Gloria and Ms Magazine.

Presenting our scarf to Gloria Steinem