Holiday Intern

Today I had my first day working with Camilla Olson. We began the day by talking about the design process and how she comes up with her pieces and lines. She is a very visual person, so images were a key element of this process, and a few piles of small pictures populated the back of the Laramie Project binder she showed me as an example of her process. We looked at how these images, particularly of fences, influenced her thoughts on potential designs, and then looked at colors she had explored for the line, using paint swatches. The first thing she did after reading the play was she wrote down all of the key words and images that stuck with her. This is how she identified key themes that would come up later in the design process. She chose to use a light teal-blue and a grey, pointing out that some people did not feel the use of such a bright blue was appropriate given the sad nature of the play. But she felt the blue was important, because the beauty of the blue in the sky was so important to him in the story and the good coming from the evil was what she wanted to prevail in the story of her line. Next we looked at various fabrics and manipulations she had made to them to display a fence-like structure since the fence was so important to the story. I liked learning about her design process, particularly coming from my perspective on the design process, which is more fine-arts and furniture-oriented. I am looking forward to learning more about her process and working toward understanding her line so I can help to brand it and provide helpful input on her work moving forward.

We met with Mary Hughes to begin planning a fashion show luncheon sometime in the spring to help bring together women in Silicon Valley for an event that raises interest, support, membership, etc. for Close the Gap and Camilla Olson. Today, I reflected on my notes from the meeting and began focusing in on the venue options as I compiled a list with the contact information for all the potential locations. We created the goals of having a fun, content-based event that offers the opportunity for networking. But we also want to make the event meaningful for the guests. The event needs to showcase Camilla’s clothes and talk about women’s representation in our state. We have to question how this event should look, and how we can make it elegant, but also outlandishly fun. As part of this goal, we are going for the unexpected and would like the event location to be a key piece of the puzzle that draws guests to the event. We thought places normally associated with men would be good for it The event will consist of a few key elements: runway, lunch, and a panel on politics and women in it. The event should have no less than 250 people, but it would be great if we could expand it past this number. Towards this goal of outreach, and making the content interesting and informative, creating a steering committee of women will be an important element leading to our success. So how can we make it a hot ticket event? We need to have current and compelling speakers, a venue of interest, and an engaging show. In the process of creating this event, we will also make sure we focus on creating the social media backup and other promotion, a payment platform, and a menu of options for the event including a short list of potential venues, sponsors, and sponsoring organizations to present to the host committee. This is the first step of getting ready for the upcoming event. Evan Cranston photo ~ Evan Cranston