Infinite Tee, Variation 3, Worn Casually

The Infinite Tee, with its layers of sheer chiffon, makes a wonderfully versatile top perfect for any relaxed situation.

Illustrated here is a casual outfit to be worn out or at home. This woman wears a light pink Infinite Tee over a lemon yellow Reversible Tank, with white Stretch Knit Pants for a loose, casual look. Personally, we love the light sunset hue that comes from the combination of the light pink Tee and the lemon Tank, but the yellow tank can also be reversed to white for a lighter, more subtle look. Perfect for errands around town, a trip out with friends, or a neighborhood party, this look is a relaxed and polished summertime ensemble.

Stay tuned as we show you seven more ways to wear our versatile Infinite Tee!

Janette Ebbers, Saint Francis High School

Illustration Intern at Camilla Olson

Camilla Olson

Camilla Olson designs for the modern professional woman. Camilla Olson worked her way through college at the U of MD Medical School, shifting to industry for 8 years post graduate. Once learning about Wall Street she invested as a VC for 4 years and then made her move to the entrepreneur side of the table, on the founding team of 5 companies, Later she earned her MFA, Fashion & Textile Design from Academy of Art Univ, cum laude. Honors include: designs on the NY Fashion Week Runway; Alumna of the Yr, Best Reinvention, Born: Fairbanks Alaska. B.S. microbiology University of Maryland MBA marketing Fairleigh Dickinson University. Awarded two U.S. patents. MFA fashion & textile design, Academy of Art University