Infinite Tee, Variations 6-8

We're going to speed up the last few Infinite Tee combinations by combining them into two posts. We have some EXCITING news regarding the Infinite Tee to announce soon, so keep your eyes open!

Infinite Tee, Variation 6, When It's a Little Wintry

This time, we’ve illustrated a casual outfit to be worn when it’s a little chilly outside. We 

want to emphasize that although the Tee is high-quality chiffon, it works wonderfully 

with casual outfits. This woman tucks a coral Infinite Tee into a pair of dark blue, faded 

jeans, with a loose black cardigan for warmth. The cardigan can be exchanged for our 

OverTime black blazer for a semi-formal element perfect for a more polished look. The 

jeans can be cuffed loosely or exchanged for a darker, unfaded pair to formal it up a bit 

more, with a white tank underneath for modesty. The coral top can also be switched out 

for a light pink Tee, and the black cardigan for a white one, allowing for a lighter look. 

Casual and comfortable, we think this look is perfect for casual summer outings when it’s 

a little wintry outside.

Infinite Tee, Variation 7, All Work, All Play

Here’s our first official “formal” look for the versatile Infinite Tee! 

Illustrated here is a look that could be construed as either casual or formal, depending on 

your work environment and accessories. This woman tucks a turquoise Infinite Tee over 

a white tank loosely into our white Stretch Pants, topping it off with our OverTime black 

blazer. For a more semi-formal look, the Infinite Tee could be untucked and/or worn 

without the white tank, or belted with a soft leather belt. (Think variation 4) We love 

the colors of the shimmery turquoise Tee with the white pants and black blazer, but you 

could also switch it out with a light pink or a cobalt tee. We wouldn’t recommend pairing 

these particular colors with our coral tee (It’ll look a little Halloween-y), but the coral 

Tee would look wonderful with a white instead of black blazer. We think this look would 

be perfect for a casual or formal work environment, a fancy lunch with friends, or a nice 

dinner date. 


Infinite Tee, Variation 8: The Edgy Dressy

 Here’s another formal look with our Infinite Tee, but with a little bit of an edgy San 

Franciscan flair. Personally, this is my favorite!

Illustrated here is a look that could be formal or fun, depending on what you wear the Tee 

over. This woman wears a light pink Infinite Tee over a belted white V-dress. The sheer 

quality of the Tee makes a wonderful, edgy look, while the V-dress keeps it professional! 

The dress is skintight, and the Tee is sheer, so your waist will still be emphasized; no 

need to worry about getting lost in the fabric! 

To make it a little more casual, you can wear the Tee over a belted high-waisted miniskirt 

with a tank top, or even without a tank top for a night out. I have worn this exact outfit, 

and love it to pieces! Feel free to play around with colors; the cobalt, brown, black, and 

coral Tee also looks wonderful over the dress. Perfect for a day at the office, a fancy date, 

or a day in the city, this look is the perfect amount of edgy and dressy combined.


Stay tuned as we show you two more ways to wear our versatile Infinite Tee!


Janette Ebbers, Saint Francis High School

Illustration Intern at Camilla Olson

Camilla Olson

Camilla Olson designs for the modern professional woman. Camilla Olson worked her way through college at the U of MD Medical School, shifting to industry for 8 years post graduate. Once learning about Wall Street she invested as a VC for 4 years and then made her move to the entrepreneur side of the table, on the founding team of 5 companies, Later she earned her MFA, Fashion & Textile Design from Academy of Art Univ, cum laude. Honors include: designs on the NY Fashion Week Runway; Alumna of the Yr, Best Reinvention, Born: Fairbanks Alaska. B.S. microbiology University of Maryland MBA marketing Fairleigh Dickinson University. Awarded two U.S. patents. MFA fashion & textile design, Academy of Art University