How do new graduates dress for interviews & their new professional life?

As an microbiology undergraduate at the University of Maryland (obviously pre-fashion career), I was keenly interested in electron microscopy.  At one point I drove from Maryland to Chicago to attend the IITRI Symposium on Scanning Electron Microscopy. What did I wear? I took my best outfit, a maxi skirt made from on old pair of jeans, complete with orange printed fabric filling in the the triangle from knee to hem. Very 70s. I added another homemade piece, a peasant top.

I looked a mess.

Somehow, I left the Symposium with a summer internship at Oxford University Department of Metallurgy, working on a million-volt microscope and the first STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope) ever made. 

With this story, one can see my fondness for STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) in both meanings of the acronym. It's also easy to see my empathy for young women who are interviewing and trying to move ahead in the professional world. Current times are much more competitive and require so much more thought. A peasant top and jean-skirt just won't get you a summer internship.

What do they wear to interviews? It is inexplicably difficult to find answers to this question. I looked around and found some very old information with no relevance to the 21st century. 

One thing led to another and we've just launched our new Student and Recent Grad Lookbook. We're so happy to offer 25% of sales from the items in this lookbook towards programs to benefit women in STEM (the newer acronym). I am already in talks to make this scholarship work at my alma mater, University of Maryland. It is thrilling to think about how we can help other women do well in science, technology, engineering and math. 

Women make up 13% and 25% of the engineering and computer sciences workforces, respectively.

One friend's daughter, Sam, is pursuing her passion in neuroscience. As an undergraduate Sam recently gave a presentation at SCCUR (Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research) on her research "Characterization of Synaptic Structure in Putative Neuropsychiatric Susceptibility Genes." She was studying synaptic structure at the neuromuscular junction which might give insight into developing neuropsychiatric disorders eg. schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or bipolar disorder. At her talk, she wore our Modern Jacket.

Her comment to us was that it made her feel confident. These photos certainly support that. 

Undergraduate Sam gives a scientific talk on her work, wearing our Modern Jacket. 

Undergraduate Sam gives a scientific talk on her work, wearing our Modern Jacket. 

Sam looks great in our Modern Jacket. Congratulations!

Sam looks great in our Modern Jacket. Congratulations!

Another friend's daughter is in the early stages of pursuing a medical career. She recently acquired our Modern Jacket as a gift. Her sister was visiting and needed a top for her interview in the morning and borrowed the Modern jacket. As it was told to me, "She looked great in it and said she rocked the interview! I guess we will be fighting over that jacket in the future :)"

Here is soon-to-be UC graduate Julie looking awesome in (her sister's) Modern Jacket and vintage scarf for her interview last week.

Julie of the 2015 graduating class at UC rocks our Modern Jacket for her interview last week. 

Julie of the 2015 graduating class at UC rocks our Modern Jacket for her interview last week. 

Please support women in STEM! Have a look at our Student + Recent Grad Lookbook and forward it to your college-age friends.


Camilla Olson

Camilla Olson designs for the modern professional woman. Camilla Olson worked her way through college at the U of MD Medical School, shifting to industry for 8 years post graduate. Once learning about Wall Street she invested as a VC for 4 years and then made her move to the entrepreneur side of the table, on the founding team of 5 companies, Later she earned her MFA, Fashion & Textile Design from Academy of Art Univ, cum laude. Honors include: designs on the NY Fashion Week Runway; Alumna of the Yr, Best Reinvention, Born: Fairbanks Alaska. B.S. microbiology University of Maryland MBA marketing Fairleigh Dickinson University. Awarded two U.S. patents. MFA fashion & textile design, Academy of Art University