"At" the White House

"At" the White House

Our friend, Karen Appleton SVP @BoxHQ, stopped by the White House last week for the Cinco de Mayo celebration wearing our label. 

How do you dress a movie director? part 1

photo 2

Anne Hamilton is a special kind of woman. Enthusiastic, talented, and kind. We met at a party* last August where we dressed two wonderful managers from the Four Seasons in our Cages. Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley & Bentley Motors know how to host a party.










We learned that Anne was a lawyer finishing her Clerkship in the 9th Circuit Federal Court in San Francisco. Her first film, a short, was accepted into Cannes. She was also accepted into the prestigious women's director program of the American Film Institute. During the AFI, she made another short film, The Inheritance. It is being Showcased next week at the Directors Guild of America theatre in LA, along with the other 7 women directors. The Inheritance was also screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival yesterday.

We offered to dress Anne for both events, but what does a director wear to show her own films? Knowing she loves our cages, it narrowed the selection a lot.  Then came the interesting part. Anne is the most deliberate person I know. Each part of her films is deliberate and she carefully peels an onion of ethics and judgement, separating the values like a fine sushi chef. She couldn't wear a simple party dress to show her film.

For the AFI Showcase she chose our cream draped cage but we made some changes too it and she will wear it over a different under dress, thus a new combination. The end result is a futuristic samurai dress. You'll be amazed, and I'll post it after the April 29 event.

The other dilemma was what to wear yesterday for the screening of The Inheritance at the BHFF.  The initial thought was a party dress, but I resisted. How could Anne, this deliberate woman, wear a party dress at a screening? I suggested that she go with a look that was almost work, but several steps up. Below you'll see the result. She wore her leggings and booties, our walnut cami and black horizontal cage that took me 120 solid hours just to hand sew.

Anne Hamilton wears Camilla Olson Cage jacket over her work wear to her screening at Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Finally, there was the opening party of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. There she could wear a party dress. And she did wear our black cage dress, that we nick named the "Skater Dress." I heard she did  a fair bit of dancing in this.

Anne Hamilton wears Camilla Olson at Beverly Hills Film Festival Opening

Anne, thank you for working with us. You are a gift to the world. Thank you for your work.



* Thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley and Bentley Motors Ltd for hosting an amazing champagne & caviar party. Carissa Ashman was the matchmaker.

Tanna Frederick wears Camilla at the LA Opening of Jaglom's The M Word

"The M Word" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Betsy wears Camilla at James' Broadway Opening Of Mice & Men

Betsy of M&M

Sharing Some Client Love

We have fun with lots of people. I thought we'd share some of the messages that we have gotten from some of the folks we work with.

"Got the tops you sent. Thank you. They are perfect. I'm wearing all your clothes. Perfect for my lifestyle."          Janice T from Newport Beach

"It's SO gorgeous and unusual, and I will wear it to my readings (and on many other occasions for sure)!!"   Harriet Chessman, author

“I can’t tell you how good that dress made me feel. I got so many compliments! … and I told people your name of course. It was a magical day and a magical dress. Thank you so much.” .. Betsy Franco March 2013. (On the occasion of her son receiving the STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.)

"Authors under the stars. Boy did I feel good in my outfit. ..."   Betsy Franco, author.

http://digthisdesign.net/style-fashion/5396/ Guest Column written for The Wrap in Hollywood Tanna Frederick, October 2013.

These have been go-to pieces in my wardrobe. Easy to wear and travel with yet impact full. Gets many compliments.” MJE, Frequent Customer, October 2013.

I appreciate the taste and design level that Camilla brings to life in the pieces she creates She patiently spends time to understand the themes of future seasons as well as colors for both mass and direct to consumer. Her attention to detail is exactly what you expect from a custom designer. The new shirt collection from “desk2dinner” is a perfect delivery interpreting design to define “business casual”. In particular, the fabric choices, comfortable designs, and attention to detail make them stand out from other shirts in the marketplace. A great shirt is so hard to find. If you want something that feels like it has been especially designed for you, visit Camilla’s collections.”     LB, Client & Advisor, October 2013.

Hi Camilla, I absolutely love all of my new clothes from you. I have been wearing your designs out and about all around Napa and the city. I have gotten many compliments. I thought I’d send you a picture of me in one of your lovely tops. I’m so in love with it.… Best wishes to you! XO."      Emily M. October 2013.

You are a great designer and have a beautiful product. … love the ponti fabrics and the new blouses look great too.   Thank you."    Barb, Store Owner, October 2013.

Thank you Janice, Betsy, Emily, Harriet, Barb, Tanna, MJ, Lisa, Maria, and Albert.

To all our other clients and our new ones~  Thank you for your patience with us and your support. It means the world to us. We'd love to hear from you. Mostly, we'd love to see you in our work. Please send photos.




Lunch with Gloria

I was a freshman in college when MS magazine was founded. I remember the first issue and the spark of energy it added to the women on campus in the midst of a turbulent time. So energized, I drove to NY for the first convention of NOW. So long ago and MS magazine survives as a nonprofit. Its efforts can be seen in the revision of the definition of rape. Last Friday I had the opportunity to take my daughter to lunch with Gloria Steinem and others  to celebrate the 40th anniversary of MS magazine. It was a thrill for me to meet this “giant” and be touched by her gentle soul. I brought one of our scarves for her and she replaced her bright purple scarf with our soft printed piece. She wore it proudly, even though she doesn’t need external things to brighten her day. At lunch Gloria talked a few moments reflecting that it is “all about women.”  Solve women’s problems and you solve the worlds dilemmas. Quickly  she shifted gears and opened her arms saying, “tell me what I don’t know. How can I help you?” Two hours later, the dialog continued. No one wanted to leave. As nice as it was to meet Gloria, my joy truly came from seeing Gloria reach to talk to my daughter. She lingered and spoke animatedly to Cate about her career aspirations … CFO of a Fortune 500 company. What did Gloria say? A few words about finding mentors in finance.  Thank you Gloria and Ms Magazine.

Presenting our scarf to Gloria Steinem



Neon Indian, “Polish Girl” by Tim Nackashi

Text from Stella: Hey Camilla, I’m styling a music video for a hot band and director. Can you send down a cage for tomorrow? The package was sent, we had no idea. A week later the Director asks for the top – His girlfriend wants to wear it to the MVA. Tim Nackashi was nominated for Best Art Direction. The package was sent again. Today I received the link:  Neon Indian \”Polish Girl by Tim Nackashi Awesome!  Our cage top is worn by the lead woman as she comes in and out of vision. The funny side to this is that my Dad was Polish – he would love this. Miss you Dad. Tonight they perform on Jimmy Fallon. Thanks Stella. Thanks Tim. Love this film. Thanks to The Creative Project. polish

The Oscar Dress

Betsy Franco's gown, illustrated by Jungah Lee

We got a glimpse of her on the red carpet, then several in her third row, center seat.