Thank You!

Last fall we did a Crowd-Funding project with the good folks at Plum Alley. We raised $25,000 to produce our new shirts and launch our 9 pieces gives you 30 looks collection. These are the wonderful people who participated in our project and for whom I am most grateful. Do call whenever you need anything.

Carmen Munoz, Christian Gillette Purkiss, Lease Kerr, E., Lisa Van Dusen, Anonymous, Karen Page, Amy S., Mary V. Hughes, Juliana Hudoba, Cassandra Pickett, MJ Elmore, Lucy Drummond, Carolina Portillo, Jenny Santos, Michelle Bonat, Linnea Olson-Rijn, Sue Neville, Colette Cranston, Linda Oleson, Diana Neiman, Nancy Jordan, Sally Lieber, Kathleen Avery, Valerie McCarthy, Iris Litt, MD, Doug de Vivo, Carolyn Williams, M, Al Jackson, Deborah Buresh Jackson, Debbie Tranowski, Helen Yu, Karen Moulds, Lisa Brandin, Karen Olson, Marie Bendix, Nicole Neal, Anne Taylor, Lynn Courts, Mitzi Pierce, Nancy Shepherd, Sally Lee, Susan Woods, Teresa McTigue, Ph.D., Carol Scott, Libby, Kelli's mom, Shelley Jones, Kelli Howard, Karen, Barbara Goodrich, Elaine Hahn,

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And here is but one example how 9 pieces become 30 looks:

9 Pieces - 30 Looks lg 1-14 Final 1-25-14

Fall 2011

I can hardly believe we’ve done four photo shoots in two weeks. So much work to get everything together and so little time to get it done in. We shot Fall 2011 in Palo Alto at the Art Center. Artist Patrick Dougherty built the sculpture Double Take recently. It is a shelter left to stand as long as nature allows.   We had 8 – 9 people at each shoot and stellar results thanks to an amazing visual crew, photographer, and art director. Images in the magazines seem to let the design stand for itself, but now i know there is a lot to be done to “let the design stand for itself.” It will be easy to see my point, especially when you compare the images on this blog with the final ones you will see in the next week or so. Enjoy! fall2011 fall2011-2

What kind of photography are we doing today?

Another weekend, another shoot. Last Sunday we spent the day taking Product Shots. Izzi, our model, spent the day being touched up, changed, and photographed on Fall and Spring looks. Amazingly sweet, Izzi kept her cool, charm, and smile for much longer than I can. We met at a loft in SOMA, San Francisco. Our photographer put up the seamless paper and lighting, while we steamed the clothing. hair and make up were perfected and the heels put on. Here are some candids.  

Izzy4 Izzy3 Izzy2 Izzy1

Marin County Sunday

After shooting our new Spring/Summer 2012 collection on Saturday, we dove into a video of our Cage and Laser Identity pieces. Here are some stills from the day. Have a favorite? MarinSun4 MarinSun3 MarinSun2 MarinSun1

Marin County Civic Center

Last weekend we took a team of outstanding visual artists for a weekend of photo and videography. Our location was an outstanding backdrop. Picture fabulous Frank Lloyd Wright designed architecture with plenty of graphic interplay.  Couple this with Michael’s excellent art direction, Collette’s perceptive photography, Wayne’s flawless technical support, the charming artistry of Victor’s make-up skills, ever vigilant Allison’s hair taming, and Stella’s effortless beauty. Jungah, Aly and Allison kept everything flowing and smooth. You be the judge with these behind the scene images. marin8 marin7 marin6 marin5 marin4marin2 marin1