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7 Things You Should do this Weekend

7 Things You Should do this Weekend

Do more this weekend.

Thank You!

Last fall we did a Crowd-Funding project with the good folks at Plum Alley. We raised $25,000 to produce our new shirts and launch our 9 pieces gives you 30 looks collection. These are the wonderful people who participated in our project and for whom I am most grateful. Do call whenever you need anything.

Carmen Munoz, Christian Gillette Purkiss, Lease Kerr, E., Lisa Van Dusen, Anonymous, Karen Page, Amy S., Mary V. Hughes, Juliana Hudoba, Cassandra Pickett, MJ Elmore, Lucy Drummond, Carolina Portillo, Jenny Santos, Michelle Bonat, Linnea Olson-Rijn, Sue Neville, Colette Cranston, Linda Oleson, Diana Neiman, Nancy Jordan, Sally Lieber, Kathleen Avery, Valerie McCarthy, Iris Litt, MD, Doug de Vivo, Carolyn Williams, M, Al Jackson, Deborah Buresh Jackson, Debbie Tranowski, Helen Yu, Karen Moulds, Lisa Brandin, Karen Olson, Marie Bendix, Nicole Neal, Anne Taylor, Lynn Courts, Mitzi Pierce, Nancy Shepherd, Sally Lee, Susan Woods, Teresa McTigue, Ph.D., Carol Scott, Libby, Kelli's mom, Shelley Jones, Kelli Howard, Karen, Barbara Goodrich, Elaine Hahn,

they can always be seen here ...




And here is but one example how 9 pieces become 30 looks:

9 Pieces - 30 Looks lg 1-14 Final 1-25-14

Joyus' Review: Luxe, flattering workday basics

The popular website Joyus introduces shoppers to the best new trends and share expert advice using a simple but powerful video platform. Check out their review of our First Impression shirt and Slim Pant by clicking HERE. Joyus Fashion Director Kelly Sparks agrees with us that, "Sometimes finding great, work-appropriate basics that are still unique can be close to impossible."

... when I found these essential products from Camilla Olson, I knew we were onto something."-Kelly Sparks