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How do you dress a movie director? part 1

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Anne Hamilton is a special kind of woman. Enthusiastic, talented, and kind. We met at a party* last August where we dressed two wonderful managers from the Four Seasons in our Cages. Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley & Bentley Motors know how to host a party.










We learned that Anne was a lawyer finishing her Clerkship in the 9th Circuit Federal Court in San Francisco. Her first film, a short, was accepted into Cannes. She was also accepted into the prestigious women's director program of the American Film Institute. During the AFI, she made another short film, The Inheritance. It is being Showcased next week at the Directors Guild of America theatre in LA, along with the other 7 women directors. The Inheritance was also screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival yesterday.

We offered to dress Anne for both events, but what does a director wear to show her own films? Knowing she loves our cages, it narrowed the selection a lot.  Then came the interesting part. Anne is the most deliberate person I know. Each part of her films is deliberate and she carefully peels an onion of ethics and judgement, separating the values like a fine sushi chef. She couldn't wear a simple party dress to show her film.

For the AFI Showcase she chose our cream draped cage but we made some changes too it and she will wear it over a different under dress, thus a new combination. The end result is a futuristic samurai dress. You'll be amazed, and I'll post it after the April 29 event.

The other dilemma was what to wear yesterday for the screening of The Inheritance at the BHFF.  The initial thought was a party dress, but I resisted. How could Anne, this deliberate woman, wear a party dress at a screening? I suggested that she go with a look that was almost work, but several steps up. Below you'll see the result. She wore her leggings and booties, our walnut cami and black horizontal cage that took me 120 solid hours just to hand sew.

Anne Hamilton wears Camilla Olson Cage jacket over her work wear to her screening at Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Finally, there was the opening party of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. There she could wear a party dress. And she did wear our black cage dress, that we nick named the "Skater Dress." I heard she did  a fair bit of dancing in this.

Anne Hamilton wears Camilla Olson at Beverly Hills Film Festival Opening

Anne, thank you for working with us. You are a gift to the world. Thank you for your work.



* Thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley and Bentley Motors Ltd for hosting an amazing champagne & caviar party. Carissa Ashman was the matchmaker.