Muni Fry

Designing for The Met Gala

Some days are better than others. One Saturday, I had a text from a friend of the company asking me to have coffee the next day with a client of hers, Muni Fry. Ms Fry was heading to The Met Gala only two weeks away but didn't have an appropriate dress. She wanted her dress to reflect the theme given by the host, Anna Wintour.  Coffee lead to a same-day studio visit and then a few sketches. 

Muni Fry sketch for The Met Gala 2015

Monday I was buying fabric, a sueded 4-ply silk in cobalt blue. My first toile was in a sueded charmeuse. It took an all-nighter to complete the sewing for the first toile for a fitting to get the design worked out. 

My former classmate and colleague, Jungah Lee, stepped in to sew the final garment, which took three fittings and two sewn garments. The day before Ms Fry left for NY, the dress was completed and packed for the trip. She gathered beautiful bangles, a vintage purse, and perfect earrings. 

We were so pleased and honored to work on this dress. Thank you Kim, Muni, Jungah, and Giovanna for your help on this one. 

Muni Fry at The Met Gala 2015