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I get excited about walking down the street and seeing someone I know. And I'm thrilled when I am in another town and see someone I think I might kind-of-know. The small world theory simply fascinates me. So you could expect that I would be obsessive about analytics. I wish I could say in a number-crunching way, but rather in a more neighborly way. The very first time I could see who looked at our website I saw the words U.S. House of Representatives. I soared. This happened shortly after we published the OpEd piece on photo editing and I loved that someone noticed it.  Recently the Senate appeared on our site visitor-list too.

But just now, something else appeared that wasn't so fun. Someone found our shirt/top page after searching for "apparel easy to flash boobs in." 
So I'll go back and work harder to encourage women to express their competence. It really is the best thing women have going for them. 



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