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More Blogger Love from The Working Wardrobe

A Forbes top Women's Fashion Blog, The Working Wardrobe, posted a great review of our First Impression shirt today. Reportedly, she wore it for a week when we first sent it to her. I know how she feels, it is that comfortable. Thank you Rachel Yeomans. Now, Here's the article reference.

What I Wear to Work: Working the Layers with the Camilla Olson Blouse -

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What does our clothing say about ourselves?

Carolyn Zinko, SF Chronicle talks about the changes in Silicon Valley over the past few decades. I can testify that power suits were the standard. I loved wearing Chanel myself, because no one even recognized them in those days. Still, for this month's article  in the San Francisco Chronicle by Zinko, some Silicon Valley women didn't want to be quoted talking about clothes. Another said do your job and it would not matter what you wear.

Are we seriously talking like this? Seems like it does matter what we wear. It does mean a lot to our selves and to others. Suppose we look at it another way. Suppose we ask ourselves seriously -  what are we preparing for on the inside? Does our clothing truly match where we think we are and where we want to go? If the answer is yes, then I'd want to talk a lot about it. Talking about my destination will get me there, because I believe I'll be convincing.

Thanks Carolyn Zinko. Here is her article in SF GATE


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