Our New Versatile Tee Supports the Community

Not only is it versatile and beautiful, the story behind the Infinite Bandeau is what makes this top truly unique. It all began with the idea of repurposing the extra silk chiffon Camilla had in her studio. This idea sparked inspiration for a project that could be done among Camilla’s interns.

Using one of Camilla’s previous patterns, as well as adding the double layer around the bra line, the Infinite Bandeau top, and project, was brought to life. Together the interns brainstormed different marketing, positioning, and sales techniques. How could we use the extra chiffon and previous pattern in the most sustainable way possible? How could we, as interns, learn more about responsible business practices through this project? In addition to this, we decided to donate half of the profits received from the Infinite Bandeau top to a local non-profit organization.

Our marketing includes anti-bullying programs touching on the idea of society conveying an unattainable expectation of beauty. Camilla has been working to support this idea in other ways as well; for example, her This is What it Looks Like campaign, limiting and disclosing all uses of Photoshop. All clothing and models are portrayed exactly how they are; we only use Photoshop to resize, adjust lighting, and remove backgrounds.

We are working to redefine beauty to match any identity. With the new versatile Infinite Bandeau top, this is made effortless. Be 100% you! Come see it in person at Camilla’s redesigned studio Friday or Saturday 12-5pm, and meet some of the interns 12-1pm on Friday. RSVP for lunch!


Samantha Jensen