Closet Drama

It happened again this morning. I woke up and remembered today is the day of the photo session for a national newspaper piece. No, I didn't lose that extra 20 pounds overnight, but I still need to look competent, confident and still be comfortable. 

Trying to keep a normal routine, I did my back exercises, checked email quickly, and showered. A huge thank you to David, my husband, for bringing that first cup of coffee to me. Then, time stopped. 

I thought of so many outfits that I could wear, but I wanted to feel good and that only meant our new maxi dress. I took it to the studio and measured about 10" from the hem and cut off the bottom. My maxi is now a midi and I won't be tripping over it going up and down the stairs today.

Then, I needed to solve every woman's dilemma, how to cover my arms. I wore our swan coat yesterday, so today I chose our black wrap. The cap/short sleeves cover exactly the right places and the asymmetric hem ads some interest. 

Black tennis shoes with a white sole, my signature silver necklace and Apple Watch complete the look. I feel great knowing that i designed each piece, but I wish I could claim credit for the Apple Watch. 

Looking back on my moment in the closet, I recognize a few things. Every morning, I have the same gasp as I walk into the closet. That feeling subsides when I limit my choices to pieces within our label, because I know everything will go together. Already, this summer I have a uniform that consists of Maxi+an over piece+cool shoes.

Closet drama is a pervasive issue and I wonder if there is a medical diagnosis code for it. My prescription for this one is to find your own uniform. Surprisingly, many celebrities, even fashion icons, have uniforms.

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, often wears a black maxi dress. Cover model Kate Moss, is often seen wearing black tall boots, black jeans, and a black jacket. Actress Dianne Keaton, wouldn't be recognizable without a hat, pants, and long jacket. Titanic's Kate Winslet, is frequently spotted in jeans or pants, and a classic jacket. Taylor Swift, has her formula down with a two piece dress, scoop and or wide neck and pleats at her waist. Anna Wintour, queen of fashion, loves a skirt suit with rounded shoulders, usually in tweed, with a no collar jacket.

If we can all find our own uniform, then life will be much easier. We will begin to suffer a little less from closet drama. 

Camilla Olson

Camilla Olson designs for the modern professional woman. Camilla Olson worked her way through college at the U of MD Medical School, shifting to industry for 8 years post graduate. Once learning about Wall Street she invested as a VC for 4 years and then made her move to the entrepreneur side of the table, on the founding team of 5 companies, Later she earned her MFA, Fashion & Textile Design from Academy of Art Univ, cum laude. Honors include: designs on the NY Fashion Week Runway; Alumna of the Yr, Best Reinvention, Born: Fairbanks Alaska. B.S. microbiology University of Maryland MBA marketing Fairleigh Dickinson University. Awarded two U.S. patents. MFA fashion & textile design, Academy of Art University