Image Editing Promise & Disclosure

Please take note that we use image editing software such as Photoshop to resize, adjust lighting, flip position, remove backgrounds, and the occasional fly-away hair. We have not used image editing to change the reality of a person's appearance. Our intention is to always portray the physical existence of our clothes and models as they are. As we add photos in the future, we will strive to disclose the ways in which we have used editing software other than resizing etc listed above. This way you will know what we did to each photo. At a minimum, you'll know if they are Fiction or Non-Fiction.

Home Page + Product Images Summer 2014 onwards

Absolutely no image editing, apart from resizing the entire image.

All Other Images

We engaged in trimming photos to remove backgrounds, occasionally smoothing folds in a garment, and modifying highlights on a face. Once or twice we changed the color of a garment completely to become something we never actually photographed. We have taken one garment and put it under another face. We have removed a blemish or two, or more. 
It seemed a slippery slope and we decided to take a halt to all of this. We apologize to the women in the photographs.