Our designs encourage women to express their competence, comfortably and confidently.

We believe women will change the world when they are Fearlessly Confident. 

Camilla Olson was inspired by the way early trailblazers of women’s fashion
liberated women from restrictive clothing by creating new and more comfortable designs.
Similarly, Camilla wants to make comfortable clothes for women that work for travel and are easy to coordinate.
Camilla wants to enable women to focus on living their lives and demonstrating their competence in the workplace
 instead of stressing over their wardrobes.

 That is why our clothes are mostly sourced and sewn domestically and are machine washable.
Each collection is versatile enough and coordinates easily;
suitable for both work and daily life. 

Our exclusive designs make an ideal wardrobe for many,
including business wear for women. 
Camilla Olson offers women’s work dresses
that will have you ready for business.

Our collection of professional business wear for women
not only conveys your competency and credibility,
but it also gives you room to express your own individuality.

You can feel the quality of Camilla Olson designs.
Everything - from our fabric choices to the stitching to how each look is put together - 
is done with care and a close attention to detail.

We believe in high quality designs that lasts you years and years.
Beautiful pieces of clothing shouldn't be sent to a dark corner of your closet when trends die.
We believe our clothes will become parts of your life that you take with you wherever you go.

Our designs encourage women to express their competence comfortably and confidently.
We believe women will change the world when they are

The life of our pieces

It's you who gives life to our work. We create beautiful designs that you will wear in every aspect of your life: from work to weekends to travel. Moving from day to night or week to weekend is easy in every Camilla Olson piece. Our designs are versatile enough that they work for both Monday morning meetings and Saturday brunches with friends. They are so easy to care for that you can throw them in the wash and grab them for a flight. 

We design with your versatile needs in mind: We believe that 9 pieces should give you 30 looks, and that's exactly what we made happen. Building a full wardrobe has never been easier.

Who makes our line

Most of our fabric is knitted in Los Angeles. Our clothes are designed, cut, and sewn entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is because we believe that you deserve high-quality, locally-made clothes that support our California economy. We love our factory workers in Oakland and South San Francisco and stand behind the incredible work they do.


The representation of our work

We believe in the power of women. This manifests itself in two ways.

First, we will never edit our photos beyond cropping and light enhancing. Read more about our beliefs on this, published in Business of Fashion.

Second, our clothes are designed to help you show your competence. Our clothes alone will not get you a promotion, but they will make you feel comfortable and confident, allowing you to focus on whatever needs to be done.

- Camilla Olson LLC -