Thank You

Life is so fast that so many things go by unappreciated. But life can never to be too fast to ignore those who help us reach our goals. Sometimes it is just an encouraging email or a quick call out at the grocery store. And sometimes it is putting money on the line in a crowd-funding program. Thank you to these amazing people who helped at a time when it was needed. Call on me any time. 



Tanna Frederick

Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley

Lisa Berman

Johanna Nilsson of LLXLLQ (shoes)

Al Jackson

Amy S.

Anne Taylor


Barbara Goodrich

Carmen Munoz

Carol Scott

Carolina Portillo

Carolyn Williams

Cassandra Pickett

Christian Gillette Purkiss

Colette Cranston

Debbie Tranowski

Deborah Buresh Jackson

Diana Neiman

Doug de Vivo


Elaine Hahn

Helen Yu

Iris Litt, MD

Jenny Santos

Juliana Hudoba


Karen Moulds

Karen Olson

Karen Page

Kathleen Avery

Kelli Howard

Kelli's mom

Lease Kerr


Linda Oleson

Linnea Olson-Rijn

Lisa Brandin

Lisa Van Dusen

Lucy Drummond

Lynn Courts


Marie Bendix

Mary V. Hughes

Michelle Bonat

Mitzi Pierce

MJ Elmore

Nancy Jordan

Nancy Shepherd

Nicole Neal

Sally Lee

Sally Lieber

Shelley Jones

Sue Neville

Susan Woods

Teresa McTigue, Ph.D.

Valerie McCarthy